What is Life Insurance?

Life Insurance policies are there to provide financial security for those that are depending on if you or your partner were to die. It might not be something we like to think about, but having a plan in place can remove the uncertainty of what will happen. Policies can be arranged to pay off debts like your mortgage or provide a savings plan for the people you care for. There are many types of plans available, but our expert advisers can help you find the right one for you. To start planning cover for you or your partner and for those that rely on you, please contact us here.

If you take out Life Insurance to help provide financial security and to give peace of mind for your loved ones you want to make sure that any money gets paid to them quickly and easily.

Placing your policies in trust simply ensures that upon your death, your loved ones will receive the monies from any life insurance policies quickly & with the minimum of fuss. A trust gives you additional peace of mind that the monies go to the right people at the right time and it does not cost you anything to do. The video below explains the benefits of placing your policy in trust.